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          Attendance is one module of Sphinx Integration, which will give daily, monthly report to the human resource manager. No matter how many times transaction you flash card within one day, Attendance will give you a correct report about absence, late overtime, holiday works overtime etc..


          ·Two kinds of databases: MS_Access or MS_SQL.
          ·Card issuing and authorization, up to 32 kinds of operator rights levels.
          ·Data Backup, Restore; Working sheet can be Exported as Excel / TXT format file.
          ·Supporting work table to every department or every people.
          ·Annual holiday setting, next week temporary time setting.
          ·Polling work table for weekly, monthly, annual.
          ·A few work table for each day.
          ·Perfect report for daily, weekly, monthly, annual based on people and department.
          ·Supporting DPU3000 series,DIO3168NT series.

          Computer Configuration Suggestion

          Item: Requirement
          CPU: I3, 4GB SDRAM
          Display: XGA display card and color monitor resolution≧1024*768
          Hard disk: 500G (7200 rpm), 1GB Available
          CD-ROM: Yes
          Keyboard: Standard
          Mouse: Standard
          Database: MS_ACCESS, MS_SQL, SQL_EXPRESS
          Operation System: Windows 2000 Professional SP4/Server, Windows XP, Windows7
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