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          Patrol Online Module is a real time application for Guard Patrol, which support multi-time flash cards within one day; a leave of absence, work overtime, holiday works overtime, on business, card adjustment function; support shifting, cross day work time, multi-shifting; exportation variety of statements / reports, providing a rich condition combination search function. To facilitate real-time patrol status, particularly suitable for prison house, public security organs, high-grade community, high security areas.


          ·Multiple languages: English/Spanish/Russian/German, which is alterable and optional for customer s preference.
          ·Two kinds of databases: Access2000/SQL2000.
          ·Multiple operator rights levels management, director can only operate attendance data within their own department.
          ·Data Backup, Recovery, Working sheet can be Exported as Excel / TXT format file.
          ·Powerful team / group setting function, operation more convenient.
          ·Reflect real time patrol status.
          ·Flexible setting of guard patrol points, routes and schedules.
          ·Can establish patrol schedule, and realize the schedule circulation function.
          ·Various color cue function, different color display mean different event types.
          ·Automatic voice reminds for late / leakage of patrol inspection, broadcast the missing patrol points by voice. Automatic playing English pronunciation.
          ·Powerful reporting capabilities can generate all kinds of reports, which could exported by time, individuals, departments, shifting and other information.
          ·Supporting DPU3000 series, LPU8110NT series etc..

          Computer Configuration Suggestion

          Item: Requirement
          CPU: I3, 4GB SDRAM
          Display: XGA display card and color monitor resolution≧1024*768
          Hard disk: 500G (7200 rpm), 1GB Available
          CD-ROM: Yes
          Keyboard: Standard
          Mouse: Standard
          Database: MS_ACCESS, MS_SQL, SQL_EXPRESS
          Operation System: Windows 2000 Professional SP4/Server, Windows XP, Windows7
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