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          Providing Server, Guard Booth Client, Vehicle License Plate automatic recognition and other modules, unified management, to provide customers with integrated solutions; good expansion, working with other subsystem seamlessly, customers could choose the single function modules or functional modules, and sharing all of the data resource.


          Three languages: Chinese Simplified / traditional / English, which is alterable and optional for customer s preference. ·Supporting MS_SQL large Database.
          ·Multiple operator rights levels management.
          ·Supporting monthly card, hour-hire card, special card and other payment methods.
          ·Charge by time, could distinguish peak time or idle time.
          ·Voice remind by different grades, separate broadcast.
          ·Convenient setting of display screen, self-defined content.
          ·Separated management of Guard Booth and Server, which is more safe and reliable.
          ·Vehicle License Plate automatic recognition modules (Optional).
          ·Automatic data backup / manual recovery.
          ·Quick searching / add / delete.
          ·Supporting KEY3000 Series.

          Computer Configuration Suggestion

          Item: Requirement
          CPU: I3, 4GB SDRAM
          Display: XGA display card and color monitor resolution≧1024*768
          Hard disk: 500G (7200 rpm), 1GB Available
          CD-ROM: Yes
          Keyboard: Standard
          Mouse: Standard
          Database: MS_ACCESS, MS_SQL, SQL_EXPRESS
          Operation System: Windows 2000 Professional SP4/Server, Windows XP, Windows7
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