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          PGS1000 Parking Guidance Module is based on A8 processor, with Linux system and B/S structure, which adopt embedded system and built-in browser interface. Of course you can visit it by a normal PC, and we can make a PC based application with it also.


          Dual existing languages: Chinese Simplified / English, once you would like to add another language, will be finished in very short time. ·Supporting My_SQL Database.
          ·Map: Show Parking Lots Maps
          ·Import: easy to import parking area draw as the map background
          ·Car Icon: different car icon option.
          ·Multiple operator rights levels management.
          ·Router: give drivers the router to his car.
          ·Indicator: very clear indicator for occupied and available.
          ·Report: many kinds of reports for arrival and leave
          ·Voice remind by different grades, separate broadcast.
          ·Convenient setting of display screen, self-defined content.
          ·Separated management of Guard Booth and Server, which is more safe and reliable.
          ·Automatic data backup / manual recovery.
          ·Quick searching / add / delete.
          ·Very good connection with KEY3000 parking system.

          Computer Configuration Suggestion

          Item: Requirement
          CPU: I3, 4GB SDRAM
          Display: XGA display card and color monitor resolution≧1024*768
          Hard disk: 500G (7200 rpm), 1GB Available
          CD-ROM: Yes
          Keyboard: Standard
          Mouse: Standard
          Database: MS_ACCESS, MS_SQL, SQL_EXPRESS
          Operation System: Windows 2000 Professional SP4/Server, Windows XP, Windows7
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