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          Librarian operating authority could be set in system, borrower could be managed separately, library borrowing expiration remind, automatic checking stock status. Books classification management, subjects systematization searching, can print various reports, also could be exported for use of other systems.


          ·Supporting for MS_SQL large Database.
          ·Supporting system administrators, librarians and other multi-level management model.
          ·Can manage library borrower in different classification,could be divided into" undergraduate, postgraduate, doctor, staff" and many other categories.
          ·Combined with the technology of RFID, automatic recognition of library borrower identity, without any further verification.
          ·Automatic billing, accounting costs by category of extended.
          ·Enroll books ISBN automatically through bar code.
          ·Display screen setting is convenient, self-definition content is available.
          ·Automatic data backup / Manual recovery.
          ·Quick searching / add / delete.
          ·Supporting 5516E / M, 5588 series Desktop reader and USB laser bar code scanners series.

          Computer Configuration Suggestion

          Item: Requirement
          CPU: I3, 4GB SDRAM
          Display: XGA display card and color monitor resolution≧1024*768
          Hard disk: 500G (7200 rpm), 1GB Available
          CD-ROM: Yes
          Keyboard: Standard
          Mouse: Standard
          Database: MS_ACCESS, MS_SQL, SQL_EXPRESS
          Operation System: Windows 2000 Professional SP4/Server, Windows XP, Windows7
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